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VGNOMICS Scalper is a tool to help you find great scalping opportunities. There is great variety of ways to use this indicator to get amazing results. The VGNOMICS Scalper is a new trading indicator that can be used in any market. The technique we combine with this indicator is easy to learn and apply to your trades, but practice makes perfect. This indicator is based on a mathematical calculation that always occurs, no matter which time-frame, market, asset, option, stock or crypto.

How does it work?

The script determines whether we have a bullish or bearish trend based on a combination of price action and moving averages.
When the price crosses this trend, a buy or sell signal is placed (green or red arrow). The indicator will then draw 5 colored dots extended with 5 colored lines. Every line or dot represents a possible entry / exit position. These values are chosen based of a mathematical formula on the previous price movements.
Check out our documentation on the VGNOMICS Scalper indicator to get a more in-depth tutorial on how to use this script.
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